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What we are doing differently with Express Service:

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At Findlay Honda Flagstaff we understand your busy lifestyle and are committed to servicing your vehicle with as little inconvenience to your as possible. In this quest we have partnered with Honda to bring you our Express Service Center. In our express bays we do all routine maintenance to keep your car running in tip top shape to ensure your satisfaction.

Findlay Honda Flagstaff Standard Vehicle Inspection:

  • Interior Lights, Cabin Air Filter, Parking Brake, Floormat Installation
  • Air Filter, Hoses, Belts, Radiator, Cooling Systems
  • Headlights, Tail Lights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights
  • Fluids, Coolant, Power Steering, Brake Reservoir, Transmission, Differential
  • Tire Tread and Pressure
  • Driveshaft, CV Shaft, Axles, Steering linkage, Suspension, Leaks, Exhaust System, Fuel Lines
  • Brake Pads, Lines, Calipers and Hoses

Where do I go for Express Service at Findlay Honda Flagstaff:

Our main Service Department entrance remains the same. Any of our Service Advisors located on the service drive can expedite your service visit.

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Why is it important to keep up on your routine maintenance?

Honda manufactures some of the best vehicles the world has ever seen, but it's important to keep up with suggested maintenance. Even the highest quality vehicles need a little TLC. It is important to understand that if a vehicle is not kept in shape with routine maintenance, it will lead to poor performance and costly repairs later down the road. All of this can be prevented with regular oil changes, tire rotations, filter changes, and fluid top offs. By coming to our Express Service Center our Honda certified mechanics will go through our 29 point inspection, ensuring not only your scheduled services are done, but that all aspects of your vehicle are inspected!

How does Findlay Honda Flagstaff Express Service work?

You will be greeted by a Service Advisor who will expedite the processing of your Service request. A porter will transport your vehicle to our Express Service area where our team of trained professionals will perform the needed service maintenance specific to your vehicles requirements. Using the latest tools, technology and training our Technicians will be able to perform a complete service and a multi-point inspection on your vehicle along with any other Express menu items you may need...all while you wait.

Do I need to schedule an appointment for Express Service?

No appointment is needed Findlay Honda Flagstaff Express Service, but we are happy to make one for you if you desire.

What if I need additional services other than the regular Service Maintenance listed?

Please check with your Service Advisor about all additional services or repairs.

Why is Express Service so much faster?

We utilize a team of trained Technicians to work on your vehicle, which greatly reduces the amount of time necessary to service your Honda while still performing all factory recommended procedures and inspections. You will receive a copy of our multi-point inspection and will be informed of any imminent of future service needs.

Does Express Service cost more?

No. We will still provide you with the same great value and quality service but in a faster and efficient manner.

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